We bought the farm!


After careers and five children, Deb and Steve Coppola decided to pursue their lifelong dream and bought Singing Brook Farm in 2015. The farm boasts over five acres and a restored 1790s farmhouse.


As a third generation farmer, Steve Coppola has spent fifty years with his hands in the soil. Growing up on the family farm in Rowley, Massachusetts, Steve roamed twenty acres and helped his grandparents to harvest award-winning vegetables, care for the animals, and hay the fields. He gained an early love for farm life - the crops, the animals, and stunning cut flower gardens – and has always known that farming was a calling.  With his education in Sustainable Food & Farming from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, Steve has logged many hours crafting the farm's infrastructure.


Deb grew up with horses and has always loved the hard work and satisfaction that comes from caring for animals. Landscaping and perennial gardens fed her love of the land, and she’s found a real peace and passion in growing cut flowers.  Deb is Singing Brook Farm’s garden planner and master grower.

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